Chicano Rap

Chicano Rap is a subgenre of rap and hip hop. It is performed and created by Mexican Americans and is done through poetic rhyming in English and Spanish. Chicano rap is never created or performed in just one language. Such as English only as that would be regular rap, or in just Spanish as that would be Spanish rap. It is one of the few genres of music in the world that is particularly created and performed in 2 languages as most genres of music are only done in one language. It is distinctively done in two languages, English and Spanish because Mexican Americans speak both languages. This is done because in Mexican-American culture speaking in Spanglish or in Calo is an everyday thing for Chicanos. Although Calo is Spanish it is not proper Spanish. Chicanos invented Calo and Spanglish both. Spanglish is a mixture of Spanish and English together and is not proper Spanish either. Chicano Rap also talks about topics that directly affect the Mexican-American community and also celebrates and articulates Mexican-American culture in the United States as Chicano Rap was created in Los Angeles. Also for those of you that do not speak in Spanish the word Chicano means Mexican American in English.

Serio is one of the most widely known Chicano Rappers in the world. He has fans in every country, even in countries where the entire genre of rap and hip hop is not very popular at all. Most rappers in the world do not have that diverse of a following like Serio, regardless of what genre or subgenre of rap it is or what language it is created in.

Serio has created music with all the true pioneers of Chicano Rap and all the most known Chicano Rappers in the world. Serio has songs with Kid Frost, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Proper Dos, Conejo, and many more. 

Serio has many successful hit songs on every album he releases. He has done this consistently since the beginning of his professional music career. Hit songs like: “I Got To Have You”, “In L.A.” “Serio Come Back”, “Sexy Ladies” and many more. Another big hit is “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Mexican” featuring Frank V. of Proper Dos and Conejo.